Week 41, 2020

For Monday, October 5, 2020 the pick is Quest Diagnostics (DGX). We’ve traded this company four times already with success. They employ 47,000 people, have over $7 billion in annual revenue and control the “world’s largest database of clinical lab results.” Earnings are down, but not by much. The current yield is just over 2%.

Next up is Preferred Bank (PFBC). With $5 billion in assets, this Los Angeles based regional bank has experienced lower profits in recent quarters due to COVID but has still been improving its balance sheet. The current yield is 3.8%.

For Wednesday, we’ll stick with Ethan Allen (ETH), a position we’ve held since Week 2 this year. To say they got hit hard by COVID is an understatement. At one point they had furloughed 78% of their global workforce! They’ve decided to keep their dividend in place while the CEO and all senior management have taken pay cuts. The current yield is 6%.

Verizon (VZ) is next. Though sales are down a bit, they still had revenue of over $30 billion and profits of nearly $5 billion last quarter. The current yield is 4.2%.

I couldn’t find any good companies paying dividends on Friday, October 9. This marks the third time this year that we can’t collect a dividend.