Week 40, 2020

The pick for Monday, September 24 is Main Street Capital (MAIN). We’ve traded this company three times and it has always been profitable. As mentioned before, this private debt and equity investor has never lowered its dividend since going public. Recent numbers look just fine given the current environment. The current yield is 8.2% and the dividend is paid monthly.

Next up is Algonquin Power & Utilities (AQN). We traded this utility last quarter with success and the numbers still look good. The current yield is just under 4.5%.

Simpson Manufacturing (SSD), a manufacturer of wood construction products and new to this portfolio, gets the mid-week slot. Last quarter saw a 7% increase in sales and a 38% increase in earnings per share. The current yield is just under 1%.

Fulton Financial (FULT), another portfolio favorite, is up next. They have $24.6 billion in assets and have taken some lumps due to COVID, but are still quite profitable. The current yield is 5.7%.

We’ll close out the week with Glatfelter (GLT), a stock we’ve been holding all year. The current yield is 4.1%.