Week 33, 2020

For Monday August 10, 2020 the pick will be Carlyle Group (CG). They are an investment firm with $221 billion in assets under management. Their most recent numbers, while down from the prior year, still look very good. The current yield is just under 3.6%.

Next up is Southern Copper (SCCO). We’ve traded this name before with success. Recent sales are up but revenue is down due to decreased copper prices in the last quarter. Otherwise the numbers seem fine. The current yield is 3.6%.

S&T Bancorp (STBA), an open position from Week 7, gets the mid-week slot. The current yield is 5.4%.

Another open position, also from Week 7, WestRock Company (WRK) will fill our Thursday slot. The current yield is 2.9%.

Finally, we’ll close the week out with another familiar trade – Southern Company (SO). Revenues are down but mostly attributed to a mild winter and lower fuel costs in the areas they serve. The current yield is 4.7%.