Week 28, 2020

For Monday, July 6, the pick is Glacier Bancorp (GBCI). We traded this back in Week 15 for a 3.5% return and last year as well. Like other banks, they were hit hard by the COVID crisis, but the stock price has been adjusted accordingly and they’re still quite profitable. Glacier has paid dividends for 141 consecutive quarters and has raised the dividend 45 times. The current yield is 3.3%.

Next up is Roper Technologies (ROP). Get this: They are an “American diversified industrial company that produces engineered products for global niche markets.” And on top of that, their “strong operating capabilities enable us to convert end-market potential into profitable growth and cash flow in order to create value for our investors.” Wow. But, beneath the corporate speak lies a company that knows how to make money. They have a dozen subsidiaries that make everything from rugged mobile computers to optical coatings to oil pumps. The current yield is a meager 0.5%.

Kadant (KAI) gets the Wednesday slot. Like Roper, they own a bunch of industrial subsidiaries that make machinery, equipment and materials that most of us never see or even hear about. Last quarter saw increased profit with lower revenue that was inline with prior guidance – meaning they did well despite the pandemic. Also, like Roper, their 1% dividend yield isn’t very exciting, but these days solid performance is better than high yield.

Next is Lincoln Financial Group (LNC). They are an insurance and holding company listed on the Fortune 500 and a component of the S&P 500. With help from their large portfolio of subsidiaries, they’ve managed to remain profitable during the pandemic up to this point. The current yield is 4.4%.

Finally, we’ll go with one of our favorites – Hormel Foods (HRL). I written about this company a couple times and they’re still doing fine. The current yield is just under 2%.