Week 16, 2020

We’ll start the week off with a stock we’re still holding from Week 4MSC Industrial Direct (MSM). Since their job is to supply factories, they will be getting hit hard by the general slowdown in operations across the board, but recent numbers look fine and they seem to be a well-managed company that will pull through this crisis. The current yield is 5.42%.

Next up is a stock we’ve had mixed results with – AbbVie (ABBV). We traded it back in January for a 1.3% return and lost 1.3% on it last year, so we’re net zero at this point. The numbers still look good, so I’m willing to take another stab at it. The current yield is 6.4%.

For Wednesday the pick is PNC Financial (PNC). We traded this three times last year with great results. With over $5 billion in profit last year, I think the 5% dividend is safe for now.

Next is Pentair (PNR) – a stock we’re also still holding from Week 4 earlier this year. Like so many other stocks, this name hit a low point on March 23 and has been on a fairly steady rise since then. We’re not back to where we were in January yet, but they recently raised their dividend, making it 44 straight years! The current yield is 2.7%

Finally, we’ll go with Colgate-Palmolive (CL) to finish out the week. It’s hard to imagine that the #1 toothpaste manufacturer in the world will suffer too badly during this pandemic. They’ve also grown their dividend for 56 straight years. The current yield is 2.6%.