Week 7, 2020

First in line this week is Apollo Global Management (APO). This financial services company has $331 billion in assets under management along with $46 billion of “dry powder” waiting to be invested. They make giant piles of money and the current yield is 7.75%!

Next up is Great Western Bancorp (GWB). They operate 170 branches in nine states and have $12.8 billion in assets under management. Net income was $43 million last quarter, so they’re doing just fine. Dividends have been raised the last four years and the current yield is 4%.

S&T Bancorp (STBA) gets the mid-week slot. We traded this last year in Week 7 and made a 1.8% return in less than a week. They have $8.8 billion in assets and seem to be doing quite well in this lower interest rate environment. Dividend payouts have increased for the last seven years and the current yield is 2.9%.

For Thursday the pick is WestRock (WRK). This paperboard and packaging company is responsible for 6% of the 255 million tons of paperboard created by the industry. They are focused heavily on sustainable packaging, paying down debt, and share buybacks. Dividends have been raised the last four years and the current yield is 4.65%.

Southern Company (SO) will close out the week. We traded this utility in all four quarters last year and always had positive results in less than two weeks. They operate gas, coal, nuclear and renewable energy plants throughout the US and earned over $3 billion last year. Southern Company has also either raised or sustained their dividend for 71 straight years! The current yield is 3.5%.