Week 42

Monday, October 14 is the Columbus Day Holiday. Markets are open, but it is a dividend holiday.

This is the thinnest week of the year so far for dividend choices. For the four days this week there were only 22 stocks to pick from that meet our base criteria. Typically there are hundreds.

For Tuesday, well go with Idex (IEX). They make “thousands of products that are mission-critical components in everyday activities.” That’s marketing speak for pumps, fluids, scientific equipment, fire and safety gear. Sales, margins, and earnings per share are all up in the latest quarter. The current yield is 1.28%.

Next up is McGrath RentCorp (MGRC). This is a repeat from Week 29 that brought in a 2.26% return in just three trading days. The current yield is 2.27%.

Foot Locker (FL) gets the Thursday spot. The shoe store that’s in practically every mall operates nearly 3200 locations in 27 countries. Sales, as with most retail, have been down recently, but I believe the stock price has already compensated. The current yield is 3.67%.

We’ll close out the week with a repeat from Week 2 and Week 28Hormel Foods (HRL). Our returns were a decent 1.81% and 0.58%, both in about one week. The current yield is 1.97%.