Week 26 – halfway through the year!

We’ll start the week off with Portland General Electric (POR). This repeat from week 12 brought in a $0.36 dividend payout and a tiny $0.04 capital gain for a .76% return back in March. The numbers still look good and, as mentioned before, dividend payouts have been increasing since 2006.

Next up is Vail Resorts (MTN). This is a repeat from week 13. Last time around we received a $1.76 payout and a small $0.08 capital gain for a .87% return. The current yield is just under 3%.

For Wednesday we’ll go with Fidelity Southern Corporation (LION). This Atlanta based regional bank operates 60 branches and has over $4.7 billion in assets. The current yield is 1.57%.

B&G Foods (BGS) will fill the Thursday slot. This repeat, also from week 13, brought in a $0.48 payout and a $0.03 capital gain for a 2.05% return. BGS has never cut their dividend since going public in 2004. The current yield is nearly 9%.

We’ll finish the week out with Fulton Financial (FULT). This regional bank with nearly $21 billion in assets operates 230 “financial centers” in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia. The current yield is just under 3.25%.