Week 23

We’ll kick off June with the life insurance company Old Republic International (ORI). Nearly 100 years old, Old Republic has been paying dividends for 77 continuous years and payouts have been increased for the last 37! In fact, they are one of just 100 US public companies that have increased dividends for more than 25 consecutive years. The current yield is 3.55%.

Next up is Israel Chemicals (ICL). Based in Tel-Aviv, this 50 year old fertilizer company operates nearly 200 plants and offices throughout the world. ICL produces 35% of the world’s bromine and 11% of the potash. The yield is 4.38%.

Northrim BanCorp (NRIM) will get the mid-week slot. They are an Alaska based community bank with just 16 branches serving 90% of the Alaskan population. That’s efficiency! NRIMs numbers look great, they’ve had 9 years of dividend growth and pay a current yield of 3.5%.

For Thursday the pick is Tapestry (TPR). You’ve probably never head of Tapestry, but until two years ago the company was named Coach New York. Wanting to broaden it’s market Coach acquired Kate Spade New York and Stuart Weitzman shoes before changing its name. The fashion giant now brings in over $1 billion per quarter in revenue. It’s a component of the S&P 500 and the current yield is just over 4.5%.

PPL Corporation (PPL) will finish out the week. This utility company serves over 10 million customers in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and (strangely enough) the UK. They seem to run the business quite well and make a nice profit. Dividends have been raised regularly since 2012 and the current yield is nearly 5.4%.