Week 2

On Monday, January 7 the selection is MSC Industrial Direct (MSM). They sell metal products to machine shops, manufacturers and the government. Revenues have been increasing for some time and their dividends have been raised for the last 8 years. MSM is an easy pick with a 3.3% dividend yield and DARS™ rating of 4.4 out of 5.

On Tuesday I’m going with Campbell Soup Company (CPB). The stock price has taken a serious beating in the last couple years and they’ve had various issues trying to simplify their product lines, but they’ve been in business for 150 years and people are still eating plenty of soup. The dividend yield is currently about 4.3% and has a DARS™ rating of 4.0.

Next up is AT&T (T). Their DARS™ rating is a low 1.6, but it’s hard to resist a company that has been raising dividends for 34 straight years! The yield currently sits at nearly 7%.

I’ll admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Thursday’s choice – Masco (MAS). I was in an investment club many years ago and MAS was the first stock that we researched. Masco was a good choice then and a good choice now. As a homeowner, Home Depot is a weekly pilgrimage and Masco’s products are everywhere – from Behr paint to Delta faucets and Milgard windows. The DARS™ rating is 3.8 and the current yield is approximately 1.65%.

The last stock this week will be Hormel Foods (HRL). It might seem boring, especially when we already bought Campbells for Tuesday, but that’s how good solid dividend stocks are – Boring. They’ve been in business for 128 years, but maybe even more amazingly they’ve been increasing their dividend payouts since the 1960s! Plus, who doesn’t love their chili? The DARS™ rating is 4.8 and the yield is just over 2%.

For Friday, I seriously considered Global Net Lease (GNL) instead, but ultimately decided against it. GNL is a Real Estate Investment Trust that owns hundreds of commercial properties and pays an insane 12% yield! But, there are many signs we’re near the top of the commercial real estate cycle and I already have other real estate investments at this time.